Facebook Horror Stories

We asked our Facebook friends if they’d ever had a spooky encounter. Did they ever! Here are some of the events that gave us chills.

Pauline and Guy Badcock
On July 1, 2013, our 36th wedding anniversary, my husband Guy and I stayed at a B & B in Carbonear. We checked in midafternoon and informed the owner that we wouldn’t be back until 9:30 that night. She said staff don’t stay overnight, so she gave us the key code and told us that one other couple would be staying there overnight as well.
We returned about 9:30 p.m. or so and went to our room. Sometime during the night we both heard loud noises coming from the adjacent room. It sounded like furniture being moved around. This went on for most of the night, but we heard no voices. It kept us awake, and I was tempted to go and knock on the door and ask them to be quiet, but I decided not to. (I wish now that I had.) It sounded like chairs, tables, beds and suitcases being moved from one side of the room to the other. By daylight it stopped.  
When we checked out, the owner asked, “How was your stay?” I said that it was lovely, but the guests in the next room were really noisy all night long. She looked at us like she had seen a ghost. She said that the other guests had a family emergency and left before supper. “You and your husband were the only guests here last night.”
I said. “I don’t think so because someone else stayed here last night as well!” I can’t wait to go back.

Chuck Clark
This one time I was lying in my bed watching the “Canada AM” show, and it was around 10:00 a.m. when I heard a strange sound from downstairs. At first I just passed it off, thinking that my uncle was having a dream, but about 10 minutes later the strange sound was so terrifying that I had to go downstairs to check on my uncle. Shen I got downstairs there was no one in the house but me. All of a sudden, my uncle and my cousin walk in the front door. My cousin saw the look on my face and asked “Are you all right?” and I said, “No. I heard the strangest thing.”
She asked, “What did it sound like?”
“It sounded like someone in pain and suffering.”
That afternoon, the credit agency called my uncle and said, “Sir, we were over to your wife’s gravesite this morning and took your wife’s headstone because you didn’t make the last payment on her headstone.”
My aunt died about six months before this happened, so we (the family) didn’t know that he was going through such rough times. So we all collected the money together and got my aunt’s headstone back on her grave… because I know it was her that I heard. May she rest in peace.
That’s the only experience that I ever had like that, and to be honest with y’all, I hope it never happens again!

Brian Burnett
Where my girlfriend lived, one day there was a little girl singing and dancing around a shrub several houses down the street at her friend’s place. Nobody was home and nobody else around saw the little girl. The shrub had been planted in memory of her son’s baby, who was stillborn.

Sheila Strong
I have a very old story that my dad used to tell. He and I are from Shoal Harbour, Trinity Bay, NL. Dad told me many times about Ghost Train that would be heard coming down the railway tracks near what is called Man Point in Shoal Harbour, which is very close to where my dad, Alex Clench, grew up. He said if you were on the train tracks or very close to them, you could hear the train coming, see her headlight and hear the train whistle blow – but when it would pass you by, there would be nothing there. But still, as she went by you could feel the air move as she passed you. My dad worked with the railway for many, many years, so he was very used to trains.

Gloria Bailey
If my mother-in-law was alive, she saw and heard a lot. She was in service when she was 17, in Grand Falls, with an elderly woman. At night she heard someone in the kitchen and dishes being put on the table. In the morning, she asked about it. The lady said that happened every night!

Melissa Slade
I have a few stories/experiences, but the one that sticks out the most involves Torbay Beach. My friend and I were parked there one night around midnight. My friend was driving, and I was in the front passenger seat. I was turned in my seat facing my friend, talking. We were parked facing the ocean. Out her window, over on the rocks, I saw a child all in white, looking down, carefully jumping across the rocks. All I could think was why is there a child down on the beach so late? As the child jumped across the rocks I had to move my head a little because the driver’s side mirror blocked view of the child… then the child disappeared. I screamed, covered my eyes and told my friend to drive. She asked no questions, started the car and flew up out of the beach. She said she knew from my face that we had to go. It was as plain as day and I’ll never forget it. It happened about 20 years ago, give or take.

Megan Keller
My old roommate had something attached to him. One evening after he moved in, I was in the basement relaxing on my phone and his male cat was lying next to me, when all of a sudden it was like something put their hand under him and threw him across the floor. Another night, I was heading to bed and as I turned out the last light to head in my room, I could hear “her” say good night. I told my roommate the next day, and he said, “I wasn’t going to tell you, but because you told me that I will.” He said, “It must like you and not me. I was making lunch and I felt a cold chill on the back of my neck and a voice say ‘Get the F out’” (in an evil voice, he said). Another time we were all in the basement. Our male cat was relaxing on the steps heading down to the basement, which had no backs on them so you could look up through. We could see something had grabbed the cat’s fur as he jumped and ran away. It seemed to not like any males, but was good to me and my female cat!

Joy Ford
I had an incident happen twice. One night I was watching TV and the stereo, which was behind where I was sitting, suddenly turned on and slowly turned up the volume to bust. The second time, I had gone out one evening to walk the dog. Everything was turned off when I left. No one was home, but when I turned onto my road coming back, I could hear my stereo on bust again. I was a little nervous walking into my dark house.

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