Editor-In-Chief: Dillon Collins

Assistant Editor: Nicola Ryan

Editor: Lila Young

Founding Editor: Ron Young

Art and Production

Art Director: Vince Marsh

Illustrator: Mel D'Souza

Illustrator: Snowden Waiters

Advertising Sales

Marketing Director: Tiffany Brett

Account Manager: Ashley O'Keefe

Account Manager: Barbara Young


Customer Service Associate: Lisa Tiller

Customer Service Associate: Cassia Bard-Cavers

Warehouse Operations

Warehouse / Inventory Manager: Carol Howell

Warehouse Operator: Josephine Collins

Shipping/Receiving Clerk: Jennifer Kane

Finance and Administration

Accountant: Marlena Grant

Accountant: Sandra Gosse


Chief Executive Officer/Publisher: Grant Young

President & Associate Publisher: Todd Goodyear

General Manager/Assistant Publisher: Tina Bromley

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Where is Downhome magazine distributed?

Downhome magazine is available on newsstands throughout Newfoundland and Labrador and in select locations across Canada. It is available by subscription anywhere in the world. We currently have subscribers in every Canadian province, every US state, and several countries worldwide.

How do you choose reader submissions for the magazine?

Before each issue, the editorial team will search our submissions database (this website) for stories and photos that match the season, month or theme of the issue. (eg. berrypicking babies in late summer, Christmas memories for the December issue, wartime flashbacks for July and November). We are always working 2-4 months in advance, so the timing of submissions may affect when they might be chosen. (Eg. In October we are finalizing the December issue, so any Christmas themed photos submitted in December will be considered the following October. And you’ll notice our team asking for your Valentine’s Day stories in November or December!)


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