Leonard’s Place

Leonard Sheppard stands next to the house he built on St. George’s Bay. April 2010.   Submitted By: Steve Adam

Old House

Somewhere in Robinsons, near St. George’s Bay, stands this house that’s become like an old man; grey, bent, decrepit and forgotten… April 2010   Submitted By: Steve Adam

My Summer Buddies

Friends Ralph Falle (left) and Larry White lean against my VW Bug to discuss our plans for the day, which likely included one or more of the following; fishing for cod, trout or salmon; driving to Stephenville for party supplies – or which of the local beauties we looked forward to meeting at the canteen…

Summer of ’72

A couple of local toughs from St George’s. My buddy Larry White (right) wrote songs, played guitar, and sang in a local rock and roll band. And could the boy fight! One night at the local pool hall there was a big fellow from out of town looking for trouble. To my amazement, Larry answered…