Maggie Under the Christmas Tree

This is a photo of our dog Maggie hiding under the Christmas tree when my brother came to visit for Christmas. Maggie is a very shy dog so she thought he could not see her if she was under the tree.   Submitted By: Dennis Snow

Maggie All Dressed Up

This is our dog Maggie dressed up for Christmas. She is a rescued dog from the pound and Chihuahua and Pomp mix.   Submitted By: Dennis Snow

Tag and Maggie waiting for Santa

This is our son’s dog Tag- he is an American Eskimo. Our Dog Maggie a chihuahua and Pomp mix, all dressed up waiting for Santa!   Submitted By: Dennis Snow

Watching the gold medal game in Florida

We got together with our American friends here in Holiday, Florida to watch the game and have a little fun. As you can see from the photo it was a cold day down there.   Submitted By: Dennis Snow

Maggie with Her Babies

Maggie is a mixed chihuahua. She loves her little toy chihuahuas. She treats them as her babies. She has to have them in her bed with her all the time. If you take them out she will go and find them and bring them back.   Submitted By: Dennis Snow

The Snow Family in 1961

This photo was taken of us as kids in 1961 in Portugal Cove. We were split up shortly after this photo this taken. The children were, Debbie, Bernice, Brian, Beverly, Shirley, Wayne, David, Dennis (myself), and Diane.   Submitted By: Dennis Snow