Spruce Up Your Self-Isolation Space

By Holly Costello

When spring finally arrives, everyone gets the urge for a fresh new look. And these days of social isolation, being stuck at home makes that more important than ever. Here are some easy ideas to help you achieve that without having to leave the house.

Clean, organize, declutter
There’s nothing like a spring cleaning to get rid of all that winter grime and gain the feeling of accomplishment you get when all your closets and drawers are organized and tidy. Wash those windows inside and out to let that spring sun shine in and clean that layer of dust off everything. Switch out all that heavy winter clothing, coats, boots, and accessories for the lighter spring and summer items.

Rearrange the furniture
Change is good. Switch your bed to a different wall in your bedroom, or change the layout of the furniture in your living room. A great tip here is to shop around your house for pieces of furniture that could be repurposed or used elsewhere. Switch a living room chair with one from your bedroom. Need a TV stand? Take a chest of drawers from a guest bedroom to use there instead. I have even swapped entire rooms in a client’s house; to make a main floor more functional, I’ve switched the locations of the family room and dining room.

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Paint something!
Paint a piece of furniture to give it a new look. Paint an interior door a bright accent colour. If you’re really feeling adventurous, try painting out a bathroom vanity or your kitchen cabinets. At time time of writing this, many local businesses that carry these type of products are doing deliveries or pickups.

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Change your accents
Change up artwork, accessories, toss cushions, throws and rugs. Once again, you don’t need to go out and buy new things: you can often shop your house for these switch-ups. Put away your cozy sheepskin, your fuzzy and chunky knit throws, and switch out to that lightweight bright yellow one. Swap out your cosy winter toss cushions for bright and/or light tones. Take all your artwork down and rearrange it, hang it in different rooms or in different configurations. Take those photos and frames you’ve had stored away and get them up on the walls. Now’s a good time to have those family memories out to see. Take out and display a favourite collection (like these cups in the above photo). Nothing says spring like yellow and orange, so add a punch of colour by displaying fresh bananas, lemons and oranges in a favourite bowl or glass vase – accessories that are inexpensive and readily on hand for cooking up delicious springtime meals. Decorate with seasonal décor. If you do want to purchase some new springtime accessories, there are stores online and local that will deliver to you.

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Bring spring in
Bring the outside in by adding fresh greenery or colourful flowers to your space. Go on a walk or forage in your own backyard for greenery or flowers that are starting to pop up this time of year. Or move your houseplants to a new location to be admired and appreciated anew.

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