Buddy Wasisname and the Order of Canada

By Janice Stuckless, Editor-in-chief

It’s not every day that you find yourself in the front row of history. But that’s where I was, and it was amazing.
I believe I was in Grade 7 of J.M. Olds Collegiate in Twillingate. The whole school had assembled in the gym for a concert. Our class being the youngest, as I remember it, we got to sit up front. On stage was this group of musicians, whose leader was the most comical person I’d ever seen – from his rubber-faced expressions, to his wild body movements and his exaggerated impersonations, he had us all in the knots. Their music was traditional, but their act was anything but. Before that day and in all the years since, I’ve seen nothing to match the all-round entertainment of a Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers show.
That was the early ’80s and we may have been one of their first gigs (fitting, perhaps, as two band members were teachers). Kevin Blackmore (Buddy), Wayne Chaulk and Ray Johnson (the Other Fellers) have since toured the country, recorded 10 albums and several DVDs, won multiple industry awards and put their stamp on Newfoundland and Labrador culture. As much as our culture influenced them, they have surely contributed to it.
Over the years, Downhome proudly maintained close ties with the b’ys (we published their tour dates and they gave us a shoutout from the stage). One time we did a campaign together with Purity Products. Inside a box of their crackers you’d find a picture of Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers as the “three wise crackers” with a subscription offer to Downhome.
After decades of memorable, incomparable performances, I can safely say the whole province congratulates Kevin, Wayne and Ray for being among the latest recipients of the Order of Canada, for their contribution to the entire nation. We often have good cause to complain about Ottawa, but they certainly got this one right.

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