Our New Door…Lol

We live in Southlands subdivision and this is a shot of our side/garage entrance when we opened the door. Crazy times.   Submitted By: NULL

First Visit With Santa

These are our twins, 1, during their very first visit with Santa. Abby drifted off to sleep in Santa’s arms, but Gracie..well let’s just say she was just a little captivated by jolly old St. Nick..she never took her eyes off him!   Submitted By: Susan Davis

Wow, look at those big hills!

This is a picture of our 2 1/2-year-old twins, Abby and Grace Davis, while they were visiting their grandfather’s cabin in Coppermine Brook, Bay of Islands. They are very close and are always together. They loved looking out over the ocean and especially loved looking at what they called "the big hills" in the distance….