Water Bomber on a Wire

I was taking photos of the water bombers during a fire in St. Chads, NL in 2007. This one looked like it was travelling along the power line.   Submitted By: Nikki Ralph

Any Caplin?

A misty morning in St. John’s and five-month-old Julia Lasalle was wondering if there were any caplin rolling in Middle Cove Beach.   Submitted By: Nikki Ralph

Cape Spear Lighthouse

This is a photo I took of the new lighthouse from the old lighthouse. The lovely lady sitting on the bench is my cousin Debbie Lasalle, who is originally from St. John’s and now resides in Calgary, Alberta with her husband and two kids.   Submitted By: Nikki Ralph

Cape Spear Lighthouse

This was my first time seeing a lighthouse up close. I have lighthouse pictures and ornaments all over my house and I was so excited to see one in person!   Submitted By: Nikki Ralph

Saty’s First Trout

This is the first time we took our kitty to the cabin by boat. She didn’t like it very much so we caught her her very own little trout. She enjoyed watching it swim, but enjoyed eating it even more.   Submitted By: Nikki Ralph

Smiling Seal

This happy seal swam ashore in Burnside, NL to bask in the sun for a while before continuing on his journey.   Submitted By: Nikki Ralph

Alberta girl catches the big one!

This picture is actually me. I was born and raised in Alberta but with Newfoundland roots. I now live in Burnside, NL. The last day of the fisheries we caught our quota and this little Alberta girl caught the big one. He was exactly 3 feet long and at least 15 lbs. I think I…


This photo was taken on the island of St. Brendans, NL in May 2008.   Submitted By: Nikki Ralph