Great Lady of Daniel’s Harbour

Nurse Myra Bennett settled down In Daniel’s Harbour, my hometown She helped many babies into this world She endured rough times, this English girl But we all felt safe with her around   Submitted By: Inez Hall

My Town

We don’t even have a Barber They say our landslide will go farther Our garage was lost, and there’s no gas We thought the worst was in the past This town of mine is Daniel’s Harbour.   Submitted By: Inez Hall

My Town

My town is filled with friendly folk We all sure love a good clean joke We’ve mined, we’ve fished, we’ve went abroad We faced hard times when we lost the cod But Daniel’s Harbour still stands like a solid oak.   Submitted By: Inez Hall

Daniel’s Harbour

We were once a mining town The men here worked down underground Then a landslide came, that left a hole And to all the world our story was told Work still means for some, Alberta Bound!   Submitted By: Inez Hall