Walking a trail and looking for birds I happened upon this beautiful dragonfly.   Submitted By: Delphine Ward

Wild Waves at Stephenville Beach

We’ve had a lot of wind this summer on the west coast and a great place for wave watching is on Stephenville beach going out to Little Port Harmon.   Submitted By: Delphine Ward


Hunter is at Red Rocks in St. George’s and he went for a swim and is now looking to see where his two buddies are. He belongs to Cole (the little guy in the “Reluctant Smile” picture) and his dad.   Submitted By: Delphine Ward

A Surprising Trio

As I drove from Corner Brook to Stephenville yesterday I was very surprised to come upon this strolling trio in Noels Pond   Submitted By: Delphine Ward

Apple-Loving Bunny

this is a wild rabbit. I had three who came last year every evening. This year I’ve only seen two so far-they enjoy their apples!   Submitted By: Delphine Ward

Reluctant Smile

I went to visit my friends Mary and Greg Tait while they were at their daughter’s house last evening and I was chasing their two-year-old grandson Cole around with the camera and he wasn’t cooperating. His grandfather scooped him up and I asked him to smile. This is what we got. He may have been…

Two for One

I was focusing on the bird on the rose tree when the other flew into the picture.   Submitted By: Delphine Ward