This is the reflection on the old flooded firebreak in the back of Glenwood, NL in summer 2008. You can almost see the details better in the reflections!   Submitted By: Barry Lambert


This perfectly white seal pup was a main attraction in Twillingate, NL this winter. He’s a new born seal and hasn’t changed yet.   Submitted By: Barry Lambert

Ice Ledge

In Twillingate, Newfoundland this winter. I was out looking for seals and came across this huge iceberg!   Submitted By: Barry Lambert

Sunny Day in Ragged Harbour

While driving to my grandparent’s place in Musgrave (Ragged Harbour), Newfoundland this winter something caught my eye. The odd, fairly rare sight of a tall tree right on the water’s edge made for a beautiful picture.   Submitted By: Barry Lambert

Snail’s Trail

I found this leaf that a snail had travelled over, and found it looks like a road map!   Submitted By: Barry Lambert

He’s Gonna Get Me!

Ryan and Sarah George from Conception Bay South at the cabin in Benton. They sure know how to pass time!   Submitted By: Barry Lambert

Oh God, Don’t Let Him Tip

Summer 2010, high winds drove the fresh waters crazy with three-four foot lops on Benton Pond, as Greg George drives his lightweight aluminum boat alone trying to get up the pond to go home. The wind catches under the boat at the same time he came off a lop and stuck the boat up straight…