Seagull Amputee

A photo of a seagull at Little Port Harmon, that my niece Kayla took. She said she noticed he had only one paw. But he still looks beautiful.   Submitted By: NULL

Rocks Of the Rock

Rocks that I found on the beaches. The one with the design on, the dark one, I found in Aguathuna.   Submitted By: NULL

The Caves of Aguathuna

My friend Irene lives in Ontario, but was home for a visit. We visited the caves in Aguathuna; they’re beautiful to look at and explore. Irene really enjoyed it. Irene Bosley (nee Madore) Barbara Lucas (nee Alexander)   Submitted By: NULL

Cool as Ice

March 2007 “Hurry up, Mom, take the picture before it breaks!” My nephew Reed.   Submitted By: NULL