Look What Washed Ashore

Two month old baby June taking a basket snooze, while the Newfoundland summer ocean wind tousles her hair. Can you spot her ‘flying friend’ overhead? Submitted by: Georgia Drake Image Upload: Location, Place , Whereabouts: Topsail Beach, NL

First day of fishing season open

Season opening for trouting/ice fishing, Kai’s hoping to catch his first trout.   Submitted by: Julia Kendall Image Upload: Location, Place , Whereabouts: St.Anthony

Poppy’s Little Treasure!

We were so excited to have our Daughter and Son in Law home for Christmas and very excited to finally meet our first Granddaughter Charlotte. I captured her and her Poppy’s first heart to heart and it was so precious.   Submitted By: Angel Burt

Charlotte’s First Christmas

We loved having our Daughter, son-in-law and little Granddaughter home for Christmas. Charlotte’s first Christmas.   Submitted By: Angel Burt