Downhome tours Antarctica

Gil & Yolande Lawson from Grand Falls-Windsor celebrate their 35th Anniversary with a little bit of home at their bucket list destination of Antarctica in January 2024. Image Upload: Location, Place , Whereabouts: Antarctica

Mexico Beach with the February Issue

A photo of me with the February Issue while travelling in Florida (incidentally, the issue with my story about geocaching in it) Image Upload: Location, Place , Whereabouts: Mexico Beach Florida

Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

Connie Holmes and daughter Tricia Holmes-Storey visited Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba in January, 2024. Tricia turned 50 years young on January 13th!   Submitted by: Connie Holmes, Newton, ON Image Upload: Location, Place , Whereabouts: Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

Kiama, Australia

Hi, we’re Pat and Dave Long, readers from Poland, Ohio.  Photo taken today at the Kiama Blow Hole, Kiama, Australia.  Cheers! Image Upload: Location, Place , Whereabouts: Kiama, Australia

Kastraki, Greece

Hello, Here is a picture of me (Flora Abbott) in Kastraki, Greece on October 30th 2023. I’m from Hodges Cove, NF living in Alberta. Image Upload: Location, Place , Whereabouts: Kastraki, Greece

Beautiful Belize

We just got back from a western Caribbean cruise. I always take my Downhomer as reading material. Here I am in Belize. I am from St John’s but now live just outside Bridgewater NS Submitted by: Ann Parks Image Upload: Location, Place , Whereabouts: Belize, Central America

Christmas 2023 in Prague

The Downhome and the Game of T’ings made the trip to Prague with us to visit our daughter for Christmas and New Years. It was quite the experience. The Prague Castle is in the background.  L-R: Meagan Walsh, Daryl Walsh and Alex Walsh     Image Upload: Location, Place , Whereabouts: Prague,Czechia

Easter Island

Good day from Luxembourg, I sent you a picture I took on Easter Island if you’d like to publish it! -Georges Noesen

European Vacation

Hello to everyone at Downhome While attending a wedding in The Nederlands I had the opportunity to visit a few other countries.  Here I proudly hold a copy of my Downhome magazine when visiting Versailles, France. Christine Cheevers Brantford, Ontario